Just when you thought life couldn’t get more exciting, suddenly there’s the result of the overall #9ememess competition winner. So put down that axe and listen up. Who better to judge this climactic award than series creator Glen Morgan, who — as I was at pains to confusingly explain throughout — was asked to consider Read More →


Well well well. This week saw a SHOCKING, DISTURBING, MIND-BLOWING (sorry, thought I was a different kind of website there for a moment, about to deliver a dreary list of very average pieces of information loosely centred around pictures of Z-list celebrities that were born without eyebrows) number of entries: 124. That’s an unholy 87% increase from Read More →


I know what you’re thinking. No, actually, I know what you’re thinking. And some of you need help. Quite urgently. But I know that you’re mainly thinking it’s high time to be told the results of the 5th and penultimate #9ememess competition. By a happy co-incidence, that’s what I’m here to reveal. Okay, it’s not Read More →